Hansi - Passage du Rhin (1918)

Temporary expositions The Franco-German Great War Historial's temporary expositions

Post-1918 on the Rhine

France - Baden - Switzerland

At the end of the First World War, the whole of Europe was deeply upset. The post-1918 years are characterized by many political, economic and cultural changes. In the Upper Rhine, border controls divide the population. France reclaims Alsace, Germany becomes a Republic and Switzerland an isolated state in Europe. The period is marked by poverty and crises but also by the extraordinary development of a modern society.

This exhibition offers a comparative approach to these transformations in Alsace, Baden and northwestern Switzerland between 1918 and 1923. Developed in partnership with the Dreiländer Museum in Lörrach, it is enriched by numerous documents from Swiss, French and German museums and archives.

Press release (in french and german)

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