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Expert treasure hunt

Track game

Discover the HWK differently!

From July 12, 2022 and throughout the summer, the Hartmannswillerkopf invites you to participate in a free treasure hunt through the Hartmannswillerkopf memory forest. You can choose between two levels of difficulty: "family" or "expert".

For the "family" difficulty, let the Stein elf guide you through the ruins of this famous battlefield of the Vosges front. During an afternoon with your family, take up Stein's challenge and solve his riddles to get a part of his treasure.

Discover through a fun activity for the whole family, the history of this emblematic place. The trail game will take you through the French and German trenches and discover the symbolic places of the mountain such as the Sermet rock or the summit cross during 2km.

The "expert" difficulty will offer a greater challenge to visitors who come to brave it. The soldiers Hans and Philibert will be your guides through the memory forest of the Hartmannswillerkopf.