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You are interested in the history of our mountain and of those that took part in it? You have some free time to help us maintain their memory? Well then don't hesitate to take part in our efforts to showcase these stories that made Hartmannswillerkopf what it is today. Be it their diary or bigraphy or simply their portrait or photo!

Memorial Terminal

All you need to do to help us is to fill in this form.

Your contributions will be highlighted not only on this page but also on the memorial terminal that can be found in the Hartmannswillerkopf's Historial! 

You want to help us? Great! Here are some online tutorials that will guide you through in your research since most archives can be accessed online!

Retrace the steps of a soldiers with Geneawiki

Genealogical Tutorial hosted by the "Auprès de nos Racines" blog

Tutorial hosted by the departemental archives of Indre-et-Loire

► Discover the online military ID number archives on the web-sites of the departemental archives of France via the "Mission du Centenaire de la Première Guerre Mondiale"

If you have any questions, or if you prefer to contribute by email, please get in touch with us via Facebook Messenger, our contact form or by email at

Looking forward to hearing for you soon!!

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