The Historial's permanent exposition

The Scientific Committee

A scientific committee (COSCI) was established at the creation of the permanent exposition Franco-German Great War Historial at Hartmannswillerkopf. Co-chaired by Gerd Krumeich and Nicolas Offenstadt, it brings together academics, researchers and archivists from France, Germany and Alsace.

Inauguration of the Historial

Current composition of the COSCI

Mme Elise Julien, CNRS/Université de Lille - co-présidente

M. Gerd Krumeich, Université Heinrich Heine de Düsseldorf - co-président

M. Jean Klinkert, Président du CMNHWK

Mme Laëtitia Brasseur

M. Rainer Brüning, Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe

M. Thierry Ehret

M. Florian Hensel, CMNHWK

M. Yves Le Maner

M. Jean-Michel Marcisieux

M. Yann Prouillet

M. Thomas Schleper

M. Wolfgang Zimmermann, Generallandesarchiv Karlsruhe