Tourism and Brochures Discover Hartmannswillerkopf's surrounding areas

Hartmannswillerkopf's Franco-German Historial

This tourist leaflet was produced in time for the opening of the Franco-German Great War Historial and is available in English, French and German. Which its pages, the whole site of Hartmannswillerkopf is presented in its entirety.

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Alsace/Vosgian Trails of History

Presentation documents (in French, German And English) of the principal historical sites of Alsace and along the Vosges during the conflicts between 1870-1945. Published by Alsace/Vosges Traces d'Histoire in partnership with Alsace Destination Tourisme. The latter provide the contact details of the different structures.

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The Vosges Front 14-18

This 36-page brochure, available in English, French and German, showcases the Vosgian mountains, the location of several First World War battelfields: Hartmannswillerkopf, Le Linge, La Tête des Faux, the field hospital station at Mittlach near the Col de Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, La Tête du Violu and the area around La Fontenelle and La Chapelotte).

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