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After 1918 on the Rhine

At the end of the Great War, all of Europea was profoundly affected by the experience. In the Upper Rhine region, new border controls divided the population. France annexed Alsace, Germany became a republic and Switzerland remained an isolated European state. This period of history was one of marked by poverty and crises, yet it was also a time where our modern society started to take shape. The exposition elaborates these changes throught the period of 1918-1823 and compares the experiences felt in France, Germany and Switzerland.

The Great War in 3D

This exceptional exhibition brings new technological know-how to an historical process (sterescopy) in order to better immerse yourself in the Great War. Different symbolic images will makeyou take a fresh look at the Great War. Visitors will thus be able to visit the Sacred Way, to stand with the American troops at the Château-Thierry train station, to be in the trenches of Hartmannswillerkopf, in an underground tunnel in the Champagne region and many other places along the front.